Rudraksha Mala

Rudraksha Mala

Technical Data
Common Name Rudraksha
Botanical Name Elaeocarpus ganitrus
HS Code 14049070
Origin Papua, Indonesia
Cultivation Type Grow Naturally
Weight More than 375-450 grams per piece
Dimensions (mm) Are between 30mm up to 40mm (1,1811 and 1,5748  Inci)
Seasonality All year supply

Rudraksha Mala Suppliers And Manufacturers

In 1992, we started the company as a rudraksha beads and rudraksha mala suppliers and set off on its adventure. Today, this organization enjoys great prosperity, notoriety, and respect in the rudraksha industry. Our exceptional leadership in rudraksha mala, extensive expertise, caution, and market knowledge have gained our respect. This business is unmatched thanks to the countless varieties of 100 percent authentic rudraksha seeds imported from far-off Nepal and Indonesia.

In India, there aren’t many wholesalers of authentic rudraksha mala. Numerous significant firms buy Rudraksha mala online straight from us because we are the innovator and indisputable market leader in this industry. Rudraksha mala improve your spiritual practice. A Rudraksha Mala is a strand of prayer beads created from the Rudraksha tree’s seeds, a Hindu sacred tree.

Trustworthy Rudraksha Mala suppliers

We take pleasure in providing our customers with genuine and original items as a dependable Rudraksha Mala suppliers. However, we make sure that when you buy Rudraksha mala online, it carries the spiritual energy and therapeutic qualities associated with it. Thus, we obtain our Rudraksha seeds from reputable and moral vendors.

Each Rudraksha Mala is expertly handcrafted by our team of knowledgeable artisans. Since, we as rudraksha mala suppliers value quality, we work hard to produce goods that uphold the highest standards. Thus, we want to provide you with the greatest Rudraksha Malas out there, whether you’re a yoga practitioner, spiritual seeker, or someone searching for a special gift.

Buy rudraksha mala online

You may easily browse and buy Rudraksha Mala online from the convenience of your home. With only a few clicks, you may browse our sizable variety on our user-friendly portal and buy something. Therefore, each Rudraksha Mala has a thorough description and high-resolution photograph to provide a smooth online purchase experience.

As a rudraksha mala suppliers, we are making an informed decision simply when you can compare several options and read user reviews. We also ensure the privacy and security of your personal information and provide safe payment methods when you buy Rudraksha mala online.

We work hard to ship your item as soon as possible because we know how important rapid delivery is. No matter where you are, our shipping partners guarantee dependable and prompt delivery to your doorstep.


  • How can I pick the best Rudraksha Mala?

    Your spiritual interests and aims will determine which Rudraksha Mala is best for you.

  • Are the Rudraksha Malas you sell genuine?

    Yes, we take great care to make sure that our Rudraksha Malas are genuine.

  • How should a Rudraksha Mala be worn?

    Rudraksha malas are adaptable and useful for a variety of things. They offer spiritual and therapeutic advantages when worn as a necklace or bracelet.


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